Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Being on vacation is so great, but you have to admit no matter how good the vacation it always feels good to come home. For me coming home from vacation is so exciting, I am always looking forward to getting organized and getting back into a routine, not just with my workouts but with my eating and my skin regiment. I recently just got back from vacation and have had tons of questions on how to get back on track so I am dedicating this post to sharing with you just how I do it.


As soon as I get home I always feel like my skin needs all the hydration it can get, not only from the flight, but also from being in the sun, going out every night and having so much fun you fall asleep with your make up on. A good hydrating mask is a must. My favourite one right now is ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN MARINE MASK. I also use the ELEMIS SUPER FOOD OIL. I love the way my skin feels after a night of this on my face. Another important part of my post vacation skin renewal is no make up. Yup you heard me, I usually try to go a week without putting on make up just to give my skin a break and only feed it the good stuff. So if your seem me on stories this week make up free that is why.


We all do it, vacation time is the time to splurge, atlas for me. I love trying new restaurants, and indulging in some different drinks. And that is OK, its a vacation. I always tell myself that as long as I get back on track when I get home its all good. When I get home I have a empty fridge usually so its like a empty slate. I head to the grocery store buy tons of fruit, veggies and healthy snacks and am very strict with my diet. One thing that really helps is I usually cut up and wash all my produce and store it in containers so it is easily accessible and ready to eat. This way there is no excuses. I also always avoid going out, I make home cooked meals that way I can control what goes into my meal.


Most of the time I do try to workout a little bit (not as much as I usually do) throughout my holidays. This is only because it makes me feel good and keeps me active and also makes it easier when coming back to my full workouts. I usually try not to stress too much the first day back about going to the gym as I am usually cleaning the house, doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting organized. There is a lot to do and it keeps me busy the first day. I don't think I could have a good workout knowing that there was a million things to do to still get organized. So on day 2 after everything is organized I start with my workouts. I usually do not ease into it I go right to the workouts I was doing before I left and go hard. NO EXCUSES.

All of these are super simple and a great way to get back on track after you get home from vacation. I am sure you guys all have your own tips and tricks, I would love to hear them. Please comment below...

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