Happy Friday friends! Hope you all had a great week and you probably do not have much planned for the weekend since new restrictions have come into effect pretty much everywhere.

Today's gift guide is all about Fitness. We all have that one fitness lover on our list and there are so many great things to choose from out there for gifts. Who knows you may even want to get a fitness gift to motivate someone to start a fitness routine for the new year. I have complied some great item for you to choose from and make that fitness lover on your list in awe of their gift this year.


Hope this gives you some great ideas for your holiday shopping. Don't forget to check out my GIFTS FOR FITNESS page which will be updated daily with new gift ideas as we approach the holidays.

Here are some of the stand out items from this gift guide:

SMART SCALE: I definitely need one of these. I have a very old school scale and this would be so perfect, It has app that you can use to access so much more info then just your weight.

FIT LOG: When I found this I thought it was so great, something I have not seen and such a good idea, I always just write on a paper and have papers everywhere so this is a great way to keep everything in one place

SMART SKIPPING ROPE: I have not skipped for so long but I know this is a great workout

HYDRO FLASK: The best water bottle I have owned, its big and it keeps your water cold for many hours. It comes in so many different colour options you will please any fitness lover

RESISTANCE BAND SET: I have these and they are so good for those at home workouts especially if you do not have any equipment. Its a good way to get some challenge into your workout. Also I take mine when I travel so I don't miss a workout

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