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How is everybody holiday shopping going? I feel like there are so many great items and sales on right now. Today gift guide focuses on the special techie in your life. We all have someone that loves all things electronics. I have compiled some great items that any techie will love and all various price points with most being under $100. Hope you get some gift inso.

Gift Guide for the techie


I am so excited to put this gift guide together because i have a couple of techies in my house and they have some of these items and have loved them. Be sure to check out the GIFTS FOR TECHIE page as I will be updating it daily and adding more items to the gift guide.

As always I want to mention a few standout products from this gift guide:

APPLE SMART WATCH: We all know that any techie would love this, it is probably the most expensive item on this guide but a well worth the money item.

IPHONE MOUNTED TRIPOD: So i have this item and love it, it is a trip pod for your iPhone and it has these suction cups that can adhere to various things as well as it twists so you can pretty much use it anywhere. This would be perfect for any blogger in your family too.

PHONE SANITIZER: during the times we are in this is a must. You would be surprised to know how much germs are on your phone and this sanitizing station is perfect, it kills 99.9 % of bacteria.

SOUSE VIDE WIFI COOKER: I have heard so many great things about this cooking tool, it literally cooks to perfection using a app you can get updates as to when your meal will be done

AUTO KEY FINDER: Ok even though we may not want to admit it we all need this, I am always loosing my keys, this automatic key finder is your solution

BOSE AUDIO SUNGLASSES: What a great present for a techie, this would also be great for a runner who wears their sunglasses on their run, now they can have audio attached

I really hope that these gift guide are really helping you with all your gift ideas this year, I have really tried to compile some great lists.



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