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There are only 3 days left before Christmas. Hopefully you are all done with your shopping and now comes the part of wrapping! There are a few rules that I always follow when I’m deciding on what design, paper and ribbon I use and it’s usually a reflection of how I have decorated my home for the current Christmas season.

When choosing wrapping paper I usually look for 2-3 different style papers that are similar or at the very least, complimentary in color. Whether it be sheen or design, I like to pair them with silky fabric ribbons that match or compliment what I have going on with the rest of the house. I don’t get extremely fancy like some of my talented blogger friends but I think my overall look is just as effective in it’s elegant, simple styling.

Another thing I consider when choosing paper is I try to keep my selections classic, clean and complimentary to one another. If one of the papers I choose has a floral design then I like for another to be geometric using a shade from the floral. A 3rd can even be more simple/tailored. The most important thing is to select 3-4 papers that can blend beautifully.

You don’t need to spend too much for good paper… This year I found all my holiday wrap at Costco. They had so many great choices in all of my favorite colors. I went with a red, white and silver theme..

To make wrapping a little easier this year I added a few ‘ready made’ decorated boxes in the same red and silver tones to mix with my wrapped presents. I love that you can find these types of boxes everywhere nowadays. Ready made decorated boxes make gift giving so much easier and they always add a more professional look. What’s not to love? ;)


PUT EVERYTHING IN A BOX- some gifts are odd shapes and make it difficult to get the perfect wrapped look, putting the gift in a box makes things simple and looks pretty

BUY COORDINATING PAPER- having wrapping paper that goes with your home decor juts makes thing looks so beautiful.

EMBELLISH YOUR PACKAGES- Bows are not the only thing you can use to make a Christmas present look gorgeous! How about using other Christmas inspired embellishments? Try small wreaths, pinecones, ornaments, twine, greens and candy canes! How fun, right?

CREATE A GIFT WRAPPING STATION- nothing fancy at all but it holds all the gift wrapping elements I need to wrap a beautiful gift! I have a table set up in our upstairs sitting room all Christmas season, so I can wrap a gift or two when I get them or have a free minute.

Last but not least, after everyone has opened their presents on Christmas morning, try to collect all the ribbon so that you can use it the following year. I always try to recycle if possible.



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