New Years Eve is the perfect night to host a tasting party. Tasting parties are all the rage these days. The current "it" party which has replace the classic cocktail hour. With more and more people watching cooking shows, challenges, and contests, small bites are in. Having a tasting party of your own is easy and fun. You can feature several different recipes in small portions for your guests to enjoy.

Think of a tasting party as a really fancy cocktail hour. Easy to eat foods which are prepared in small sizes, allow people to talk, walk, and eat all at the same time. The difference between a tasting party and a cocktail hour is in the preparation and menu. Tasting party foods usually feature items which can be served as a large meal broken into smaller portions, while cocktail hours feature great food that you might not want a whole plate of as a meal. Tasting party also features the presentations of foods, each dish is made to be a one bite wonder. Amazing to look at and great to eat. Each little portion needs to represent the chef and the dish in one bite.

Here are a few great tasting party ideas to get you started:

  1. Dessert Diva Tasting Party. Recipes you can include mini-tarts, parfaits, pies, and lollipoped items.

  2. Taste of Italy Tasting Party. Feature small bowls of pastas, salads, and chicken dishes.

  3. France Revolution Tasting Party. Feature pastries, baked goods, small bowls of stews or poached meats, and wine.

  4. Spanish Fiesta Tasting Party. Feature a salsa bar, tapinadas, mini-fajitas, and sangrias.

  5. Ice cream tasting party. Include mini-floats, mini-milkshakes, single scoop sundaes, and serve single scoop plain ice creams with topping your guest can add on.

  6. Chocolate Lover's Tasting Party. Feature a chocolate foundue pot surrounded by dipping items. Recipes to include alongside mini-parfaits, mini-milkshakes, and chocolate tarts.

  7. Take-away Tasting Party. Include dishes you would often get on the road or from a take-away resturant. Bite size pizzas, egg rolls, burritos, or mini-tacos and sliders, are agreat place to start. But don't forget to include the seasoned fries and onion rings!

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