Creating a blog post title that stands out is a important part of blogging! I mean ... if you're spending lots of time creating quality content in your posts then you want to grab as many people's attention as possible?

Having a clear and awesome title for your blog post can make or break whether or not some one chooses to read it.

These are some important aspects to consider so that you can create blog post titles that stand out and draw attention to your amazing content

Search the title you're thinking of using on Google first!

Today there's a billion and one blogs, and so the chances of some one else having a title similar to one that you're thinking of using is pretty high! Why not try doing a quick Google search first to see if there are any popular posts out there with the same (or extremely similar) titles?

Then write your blog post title.

Once you've checked Google, start your blog post by typing in your title!

This way you've got a solid reference point for your content to relate back to as you're writing it to keep yourself on track.

Keep your readers in mind.

Who are you trying to appeal to? What would grab their attention? What are their interests? Knowing who your readers are and what they enjoy will help in not only creating the best content but also the best Blog Post title.

Use Numbers to Grab People's Attention.

I don't know why, but there's something about using a number at the start of a headline that really gets my attention!

Maybe it's because I know how much of something I'm about to get? Maybe it's because numbers insinuate some type of list? And I'm obsessed with lists. It’s a great way to organize your post and create a great title.

Make your readers an offer they can't refuse.

Think about what information can you promise you readers in the blog post title that will benefit them. Whether it be helpful, instructional or entertaining, what title delivers the promise within your post

Use strong, catchy words.

Sprinkle your title with strong words to move people into taking action and reading your post! Looking up synonyms for commonly used words can be a great way to find something more unique.

Make it short and sweet.

Google cuts off titles that are longer than 70 characters so try not to make the title too long. Be as descriptive and precise as you can using as few words as possible.

What would grab YOUR attention?

Pay attention to the types of blog post titles that grab YOUR attention! What kind of titles are you drawn to and why? What makes click on a blog post and read it through.

Sometimes creating a great blog post title can take some time, there are times that I start with one and by the time I am finished writing the post I change it slightly to fit in with the post. There are some great worksheets out there to help you when planning your blog post title, check out these ones doe some great ideas.

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