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Did you know that 50% of people that start a workout routine will quit within the first 6 months!? You’re not a quitter, so keep sweating, keep smiling, and keep on keeping on! It’s important to stick to a workout plan or workout regimen to get the results you’re looking for and make exercise a habit as well as a part of your lifestyle. Incorporate some of the methods below into your workout routine and you’ll become a success story before you know it!

Consistency:Consistency is by far the most important part of any workout regimen. Whatever form of exercise you take part in, make sure you maintain consistency with your workouts and avoid going for long periods of time without exercise.

Accountability:Talk to someone about your fitness goals or grab one of your friends to double as a workout buddy. Staying accountable to somebody makes you stay consistent. You won’t want to let your workout buddy down, and they’ll make you workout when you don’t want to.

Routine:  Find a routine that covers all muscle groups and works out your full body. Know what exercises you are going to do before you get to your workout and know how long it will take. Find a program that fits your lifestyle and your strength level.

Progress:Switch things up in your workout and keep the workouts challenging. Remember that slow progress is still progress. Stick with it!

Proper Form:Be sure to teach yourself or have someone else teach you proper form. Knowledge will help you get the most out of each workout, will help you avoid injuries, and stay motivated.

Set Goals:Knowing the results you want to achieve will help you in being successful. Set specific goals that are more manageable, and more attainable.

Time to get sweaty…smile…and repeat!


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