In a perfect world, first impressions wouldn’t be important — but in the world of blogging, the first few glimpses of a website can be absolutely crucial. From blogging about your travels to posting photos of your puppy, your creativity is how you launched your blog and your passion is why you’ll continue to invest in it.

While writing blog posts may be your method for sharing your life with others, your homepage works as one of the best approaches for retaining readers and attracting visitors. After all, the purpose of your homepage isn’t for people to skim your blog, but for you to captivate their attention enough to want to read your content and engage with you on a regular basis.

1. Stick to a cohesive design theme

The truth is that the quality of your content helps viewers understand your brand and the way you present it determines whether they’ll become your readers. When it comes to your content, the difficulty isn’t necessarily in curating posts, but encouraging people to stay on your blog long enough to read them. Our suggestion to avoid this issue? Creating a cohesive theme for your blog that represents your brand and proves why it’s unique.

2. Having an eye-catching header

Nothing makes readers stop on a blog the way a beautiful header does. Due to the fact that a header will (probably) be the first thing a visitor sees, it only makes sense that you want to make it a lasting impression. In general, headers run across the top of the page and can appear on every page of your website. While it’s your decision on what you want your header to look like, you can be as creative as you want and customize a header that will appeal to your readers and display your brand.

3. Offering an easy to understand navigation bar

It’s safe to say that the interest of a reader decreases as the complication of your homepage increases. From not being able to locate your search bar to not being able to find your contact page, these little mishaps are what make a big difference. In the end, readers are going to your page to determine if they relate to it – and will most likely decide to not stay if they realize they’re having difficulty simply trying to navigate it.

4. Write and display unique copy

We know – with the influence of perfectly-curated posts and Instagram-famous bloggers on your timelines, it can be hard to create original content. However, it’s always nice to remember that behind every popular blog is the distinct voice of the blogger who created it. In the end, your personality is the strongest asset you have and your ability to express it online is the smartest thing you can do with it.

5. Keep them coming back with a clear call-to-action

At this point, you’ve done all that you can to keep readers on your page. They’ve skimmed your content, seen your design style, and now it’s time to officially encourage them to stay. By placing a call-to-action, you’ll help visitors find a sense of purpose on your blog. A great way to ensure readership to your blog is by prompting visitors to subscribe to your email list.

I hope this gave you some great useable information. I am dedicating every Monday to blogging tips on the blog so if there is any topic you want me to cover leave your suggestion in the comments below….

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