Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms out there. Since I have started blogging I have really enjoyed the photography aspect of putting my blog posts together. Instagram is a great way to showcase your photography skills and that is one of the reasons I love it. As far as Instagram is concerned 6,000 followers is really not that many compared to some of my favourite bloggers out there like Alicia Winnett or Lindsey from Overmystylebody, but I am sure they all started somewhere and look where they are now. I know I have a long way to go but honestly, I’m okay with that. I have a great deal of satisfaction and when I hit the goals I have set out for myself. After working so hard at increasing my Instagram followers I have come up with 3 very simple ways to increase your Instagram numbers. So if you are like me and working on getting more followers check out my tips.

Be consistent

All popular and Successful Instagrammers post frequently – at least 2-3 times a day without fail. This can sometimes be very exhausting, but vital if you wish to increase your numbers. Don't forget to stick to strict posting routine as well as your editing style. Find the one filter and use this on all of your images to give your feed a clean, consistent look.

Use popular hashtags

You have just spent time choosing the best photo and are about to post it, but how do you get new people to discover your account? One of the best ways is to use popular hashtags on your images, Choose 5 carefully chosen tags to help make your images more discoverable to new viewers .

Currently the most popular hashtags on Instagram are #outfit #instagood #lovet #picoftheday #style #motivation #beautiful and #happy. They change often, however, so it’s worth logging into Iconosquare analytics regularly to monitor the top hashtags.

Work for regrams

Once you begin to implement these changes you should start to see a steady flow of new followers. But if you want to get a huge jump in numbers you should work on getting some regrams. Getting a regram from a popular Instagram account (100k+ followers) can reward you with anywhere between 50-1,000 new followers in a matter of hours. So when posting your photos make sure you tag any brands, restaurants, hotels or boutiques featured in your images with their respective Instagram handles. This is the best way for your beautiful photos to be seen by the accounts you are trying to attract.

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