Okay guys its back the Blogging Tip series I started in January. I have taken a few weeks off but I have a great one for you today.

Promotion is key to gaining traffic, and turning followers into loyal readers. Without ever promoting your content how the heck are people going to know about it, and read it? Promotion is vital to your blog!

I am sharing a detailed list of where you should be promoting your blog posts EACH TIME you hit publish. Remember, there is no such thing as over promotion in the blogging world (if you are going about it in the right way)!

FACEBOOK GROUPS. I am a big fan of blogging Facebook groups! No matter what niche you are in, there is a group out there waiting for you! There are groups specific to age, category, what they promote, etc. Take a few minutes to search for a few, and join!

SOCIAL MEDIA. Every time I hit publish on a new post I will post it to my Facebook page, personal Facebook account, pin it to my blog board and 3-5 relevant boards, tweet 3x, Instagram story and publish a photo on Instagram promoting it. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Your followers are following you because they enjoy your content. Whether it’s the pretty flat lays you constantly post, or a look into your daily life on your Instagram story. Whatever it may be, your followers are also your blog supporters. They follow your social media accounts knowing you’re a blogger and enjoying the type of content you have to offer.

PINTEREST + GROUP BOARDS. Pinterest is not a social network, but a search tool. Same way you “google” a question about cooking chicken you look to Pinterest for the best tips to an at home gel manicure.

Pinterest has millions of users and millions of chances for YOUR content to be exposed to potential readers.

Be sure your blog post has “pinnable” content. Meaning, the correct dimensions, and pretty graphics! If you write a fabulous blog post but include no graphics or a button for someone to share on Pinterest they aren’t going to. Your blog post will be hidden behind pages of other new content and will be forgotten after a few months.

Pinterest is great for keeping older content fresh, and gives it a way to still gain exposure! Just because you publish a post in February doesn’t mean you don’t want people to find it months down the road.

If you are not familiar, group boards on Pinterest are boards with lots of collaborators. You could be a part of a group board with over 100 other bloggers pinning their content – which is great for you! Finding active group boards is going to skyrocket your traffic.

E-MAIL LIST. Personally, I do not send out an e-mail blast every time I publish a new post. But, I have started implementing monthly re-cap posts to bring light to older content! Figure out a system that works for you, and stick to it!

Your subscribers are your biggest fans, and your most loyal readers! They took the time to enter their e-mail and name, and let you into their inbox – which is sacred in this day and time.

Take advantage of the people allowing you to send them information!

LINK TO OLD POSTS. Go through and find your top performing posts, and link to other relevant blog posts!

Adding in older content to your newest post is a great way to keep readers on your blog! Add in your new content to older posts as well. In addition to promoting your latest content, this will also keep people on your site longer!

These are my top 5 things I do every time a blog post goes live, what are your go to ways to promote your blog posts? Please share in the comments below...

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