Instagram is one of my favourite social media platform. It is a great place to be creative with your photography and your outfits. Since I started my blog my passion for fashion has grown to a whole new level. There are so many great fashion bloggers and honestly there are so many to tell you about so today I am sharing a few of my favorites.


Emily Farren is a fashion and lifestyle blogger for He style is so chic and modern and a huge inspiration. I love the way her confidence comes through in her style, she seems to always look comfortable in her own skin which is a great quality for a fashion blogger, someone who is not afraid to take risks with her style. go check out her style.



This fashionista from Dallas has the perfect casual style, now as you guys know I am all about casual so she is a huge style inspiration to me. Her effortlessly beautiful photography inspires me to create simple yet beautiful content for my Instagram I don't think there is a photo of her I do not like. Go check out all her beautiful photos.



Carla McLeay has a passion for fashion, travel and beauty and she expresses it through her beautiful photos on Instagram. Her chic fashion sense is a true inspiration. It is apparent she has a love affair with dresses, who doesn't? If you want to inspired everyday check out her feed on Instagram.



A fellow Vancouverite her style is definitely on point. He Instagram account is about more then just fashion, her ability to capture lifestyle picture in keeping with the theme of fashion truly inspires me. Check out her fashion sense!



Julia Kaldelis is behind the lens on this account and her pictures are stunning. Her simple yet beautiful photos capture a simplistic style which I absolutely love. Her ability to capture moments and outfits that are very chic and combine them with real life living is amazing and a inspiration. Follow her style journey!

I know there are so many other fashion aspirations out there and I have so many favourites but I can't name them all here. I might just have to do a part 2 to this to continue with my list. Be sure to check out my Instagram @cupcakes_and_life

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