It's Friday and its the start of a special long weekend here. It's Canada Day long weekend. I can'r believe our beautiful country is 150 years old. I am looking forward to exploring my new city of Kelowna this weekend and celebrating. In honour of CANADA DAY I have compiled some interesting facts abut Canada that you may or may not know.....

Canada is the second largest country in the world, right after Russia.

Canada is the World's Most Educated Country: over half its residents have college degrees

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world's lakes combined.

Canada consumes more macaroni and cheesethan any other nation in the world.

Canada has the largest coastline in the world.

With 1,896 km, Yonge Street in Canada, is the longest street in the world.

The Mall of America is owned by Canadians.

The U.S. / Canada Border is the longest international border in the world and it lacks military defense.

Canada has fewer people than Tokyo's metropolitan area.

The Eiffel Tower was almost temporarily relocated to Canada in 1967.

Canada consumes the most doughnuts and has the most doughnut shops per capita of any country in the world.

The North American Beaver is the national animal of Canada

Ontario, Canada, has more than 250,000 lakes. They contain about 1/5 of the world's fresh water.

An Ontario man invented Hawaiian pizza.

Studies find Canadians to be the second-happiest people in the world. And they’re only getting happier.

Basketball was created in Canada

Second to Paris, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world

77% of the worlds maple syrup is made in Quebec

80% of all alcohol consumed in Canada is beer

Hope you guys have a amazing long weekend and Happy Canada Day!

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