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Can you believe we are a week away from Christmas, have you finished your shopping? We've all been there — the holiday season starts creeping closer and closer, your schedule starts getting more chaotic, and suddenly it hits you. "I forgot to find a gift for someone!"

We are getting to the point where buying online is not a option anymore as it will not arrive in time and there is always that person you forgot on your list or someone that is so hard to buy for you leave it to the last minute.

I’ve put together some last-minute gifts that can still be thoughtful and unique, from clever subscriptions to useful gift cards and everything in between, some can even be delivered digitally so you don’t need to worry about it being delivered on time.

This is such a great gift idea and who would not love this, amazon is go to for so many of us and the membership even includes the prime video.

3 month membership is $39.99 or a yearly membership is $119.00

Getting healthy meal kist delivered to your door every week? Who wouldnt want that?

I recently had their meal kits and the food is so delicious and recipes are easy to make its s great gift for a couple or a busy family.

A 2 meal box for one week starts at 34,00

Everyone has been talking about this streaming service this year, and many of us have not tried it, a great option for the TV buffs with kids.

$8.99/mont or $89.99 yearly

Wine club subscription

The possibilities are endless, you can either go with wine club that curates different bottles or you can give the gift on wine club to a local winery that the person you are buying for love

Amounts here will vary

Everyone is on a fitness kick after the holidays. This is perfect and gives the recipient some flexibility to choose how they want to kick start their new year

Pricing varies from $15-$159 depending on how many classes you want

I got this gift last year from someone and I loved it, and it is one that keeps giving every year.

$49.99 every quarter or you can just do 1 box

Custom made basket with favourites for each person on your list

I love receiving a personalized gift basket, maybe a favourite wine and some favourite chocolate, or beauty products, whatever you want its so fun to create, just pick a theme and pull everything together and then you can put it all together in a basket

Lyft or Uber Gift Card

This is a practical gift but trust me there is someone on your list who would very much appreciate that

Customized candy jar for the person on your list

This one is super easy, just hot up the bulk section int your local grocery store and grab a cute jar and container and voila you have a thoughtful gift for someone

Coffee Table Book

I love this idea, I feel like this is one of these gifts that will be remembered cause it always sits on their coffee table and its something they see daily, there are so many options out there for these.

Bottle of Wine with wine glasses

I have given this gift many times, Its easy to go and pick up a bottle of wine but when you pair it with some nice wine glasses it makes it more special and thoughtful

Popcorn, Nice bowl and some popcorn flavours

Everyone loves popcorn, take it to a new level by picking out a nice bowl and some flavour seasoning to include in the package for the movie lover on your list, if you want to go a little more extra add in a netflix gift card

I have a lot of coffee lovers on my list and this is a great idea, it gets delivered to your door and you can try various coffees, maybe they will find a new favourite

Movie Passes

The holiday time is a great time to head to the movies, it is something we do as a family so why not give the gift of movie passes, you can now even get movie night out passes that give you popcorn and a drinks along with your ticket

Box of chocolates

This is something I keep on hand for those unexpected guests that show up last minute, Everyone loves chocolate

Photo frame with a printed special photo

With social media it is so easy to do this and you don't even need to ask for the photo, You can take it right from their feed, print it and grab a pretty frame. They will love it


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