Lipstick has always been a women’s best friend. Some women depend on their makeup to enhance their look to feel more beautiful. In my opinion Lipstick is somewhat regarded as a staple ingredient that I use every day and would continue to use forever. Believe it or not there is a science to applying lipstick. Although some of you may be mastering the lipstick perfection I wanted to share with you some essential rules when applying lipstick.

Test Drive your Color:

I never buy any lipstick without test driving the colour. Generally when picking a color we usually apply color over hands, but your hands and fingers have a different skin tone then your actual lips so if you really want to see what the colour will look like on your lips there is another way. When I am on a mission to find the perfect color I always carry cotton swabs and cotton balls and use them to apply the lipstick directly on my lips.

Apply Lipstick with Lip Brush:

The best way to actually put lipstick on is by using a lip brush. Applying lipstick with lip brush helps to give you a better coverage. Using a lip brush is alway so much more accurate in where you are applying the lipstick

Choose to Put Gloss or Not

Generally, I love to put some extra gloss over my lipstick which helps to increase the moisture in your lipstick as well as make your lips look sassy. Some shades do not look the best with gloss so decide if its something that is needed. For example applying some gloss over your a ruby red lipstick can make it look too dramatic and it looks like you are overdoing the lipstick. But applying lip gloss over your nude color lips can add more grace to your lips. So it truly depends.​


You should always opt for the blotting technique while applying lipstick. Once you have applied your lipstick you should use a tissue paper to remove the extra lipstick over lips. Now you can apply your lipstick once again and repeat the process. I usually do this process a couple of time to achieve the perfect look


Once you have the perfect shade picked out there is a process of how you apply your lipstick with perfection. Always start applying your lipstick through center and then proceed towards the edges. You should never start from the edges, as it will smudge. Once you have finished applying, decide whether you need the gloss or not.

Know what Shade Suits You:

What looks good on your girlfriend or a model in a magazine may not necessarily suit you, so take the time to pick the perfect shade for you. After all that is one of the funnest parts of chasing make up. Over time you will begin to figure out what shades are the best for you and then you can be a little adventurous and venture out from there.

Whatever the occasion or wether you are trying to perfect your daily look use these tips to achieve Lipstick Perfection every time.

What are some of your tips on perfecting your perfect lipstick look?

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