Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? I personally am not a big fan of change, but I love learning and growing as a person. I am not a big fan of the word “resolutions”. Do you know that only about 10% of people reach their New Year’s resolutions? Let’s do ourselves a favour then, and call them “goals.”

With the new year, there’s this fresh energy in the air and it’s a great opportunity to make some small (or big) changes in your life. Here are some tips to make 2017 the best year yet!


While new year is perfect time for a fresh start, it is also the perfect time to get organized. Get rid of all the clutter and everything else that no longer serves you. Old bills, papers, old magazines. Clean your car Do the same thing with your closet: get rid of all the clothes that you no longer wear, donate whatever you can. Go through all of your handbags; throw away all those old receipts and other bits that found their way in and have been stuck in there for months. Do the same thing with your pantry, kitchen and your digital space. Delete unused apps and old images you no longer need from your phone. De-clutter your and set yourself up for success! Right now I’m in the process of doing this and you’d be surprised at how amazing it feels.


If you want to make any type of change, you need to define your goals. While getting rid of all of those old magazines that I have laying around, I go through every single one of them, looking for pictures, quotes or text that inspires me, I cut it out, I glue it to a white cardboard, and I hang it up in my office. As I drink my coffee every morning, as I get ready for the day and check my emails, one of the first things I do, is look at my vision board. Every time I look at it, I feel inspired and motivated.


Whatever it is that you’re after, keep pushing and don’t give up. Don’t doubt yourself. Never, ever talk about the things you want to accomplish in a negative light. This sends out a message: “I don’t believe in myself.” If you come across some sort of a roadblock, go around it, find another way. You may not have control over everything that happens to you, but you do have control over how you react to things that happen to you. This won’t always be easy, but if it’s important to you, then you should do whatever you can to make it happen.


“Follow your PASSION and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you did not expect.

Following your passion means doing what fulfills you and following your heart, your desires, Learn to forgive. Apreciate everything you have daily. Do the things you love. Don’t complain. Make mistakes. Learn. Dance. Smile. Listen to your heart and don’t take yourself too seriously. Spread your sparkle.

Above all, stay focused, but remember to have fun at the same time.

Happy 2017!!!

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