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I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE the feeling of not having to wear a lot of make up. I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to make up. I usually go to a neutral palette more then anything else. I am always trying new products and feel like I can give you a great list of some make up essentials for summer

make up

This blog post is all about makeup essentials for summer

For Summer I am loving 4 beauty products that give me that perfect “no makeup” look for flawless looking skin.

So this is technically a foundation but it goes on so smooth it feels like a cream for your face.The coverage is amazing last all day long and the biggest thing is it has SPF 50 in it so you can feel like you have the protection from the sun everyday, all day

A great nude colour lip is a must during the summer months. I love the colour pillow talk, I have it in the lipstick version but thought the lip gloss is perfect for my summer look

I honestly do not do much with my eye brows but I feel like during the summer as my face gets tanned I need to highlight my eye brows more as they are so fair already they just kind of get lost so I really love this tinted brow gel it looks natural, its easy to use, stays on all day.

A massacre that lasts all day long is a must for summer make up. This one is very lightweight and gives you the perfect minimalistic look

What are your go to Summer beauty products?


This blog post is all about make up essentials for summer


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