Tomorrow is Mother's Day and as we celebrate all the mamas out there I am really thinking about how being a mom has changed for me in the last few years. Long gone are the days when my kids were at the age where they made home made gifts in school. It is amazing how much has changed. Both my kids are teenagers now and my daughter is graduating high school this year. YIKES!!

Being a mom to teenagers is so different, this is the time where you need to step back and let them deal with certain situations on their own and hope that you have done a good job as a parent that they have the skills to do so. I have to admit I am kind of a helicopter parent and it has been very difficult for me to make this change. I am realizing every day that they need their independece to learn how to deal with different situations and do things for themselves.

This is really a great part of motherhood, since they are that much older I feel like we can do things together we enjoy, we can travel and have different adventures together we would not normally be able to do, we can talk about issues that are happening and they have their own opinions. I feel like at this stage have also been able to spend time on myself and doing things I love( like my blog ) and that has really helped in being a great mom as well.


Anyways I just want to share my Mother's Day thoughts with you guys as we all celebrate the moms in our lives whether it is your mom, a caregiver, mother in law, or someone who has been a role model in your life take a little time to reflect and appreciate all they have done for you.


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