Today on the blog I’m sharing my 5 travel essentials you need to bring on your next trip!

Travelling, can give you a new perspective on life. I love exploring new cities and being a tourist. I am headed to New York today for the first time and it is definitely a destination to cross off my bucket list. As I travel it got me thinking about the 5 things I need the most when I travel. I thought I would share these 5 essentials in hopes that they make your future travel experience’s a little easier:

Tote Bag

A tote is the perfect bag to have on any trip! These bags can hold so many items. They’re the perfect carry on and day to day bag to use on any kind of trip. Here are a few of my favourites…

Travel Pillow

I always travel with a travel pillow, no matter what time of day my flight is, I feel like ot has so many uses in a plane not just for sleeping. A tip here make sure you wash it after your home so its ready for your next flight.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during your travels is so important so I always have a water bottle on hand. You can’t bring the bottle full though security but as soon as you make your way to your gate there are water fountains to fill up your water bottle.

Lip Balm

I can’t live without Lip Balm when I travel. I find my skin and lips get so dry when I travel due to all of the recycled air on the plane.


I never get on a flight without this, I download all my movies, shows and all my magazines on there, I can literally have 20-30 magazines on there, it is so convenient to have them all in one place. I also find this a easy way to stay connected and up to date with my blog.

What are your travel essentials? Comment below and let me know....

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