Updated: Oct 26, 2018

I know this post is a little cliche, but sometimes it’s fun to jot down a list of things you want to do so you have something to look forward to! Last year, this was my Fall Bucket List This year, I feel busier than ever, but am going to try to set aside time weekly to do things that make me happy: like crossing off items on my Fall Bucket List!

This time of year seems to fly by so quickly, so I want to slow down and appreciate this Fall season by doing some fun activities! My Fall Bucket List is below:

  • Pumpking carving

  • Go for a hike

  • Buy some seasonal candles with cinnamon and/or pumpkin scents

  • Make a new book list

  • Bake some healthy desserts

  • Attend a festival

  • Picnic at the beach

  • Watch a scary movie and cuddle

  • Plan a mini-getaway somewhere local

What’s on your fall bucket list? I would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below…

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