I am so Lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am sure everyone feels that way about where they live but living in Vancouver I feel like we have a advantage. We have the ocean, the mountains, all four seasons to enjoy and I think the people in this city are amazing. If you don't believe me come for a visit. But before you do let me tell you about a few of my favourite things to do in my incredible city.


Imagine an island in the middle of the city. Now add some waterfront eateries, galleries, unique shops, theatres, and a fresh food market and you have day filled with adventure. Granville island is a top favourite for all visitors so its no wonder it is at the top of my list. It is considered a Town Square of the city and a visit here will keep you entertained and leave you inspired. There are special events and shows happening here all the time so be sure to check out their site for all the up to date information.


Okay Ladies this is for you, shopping, shopping and even more shopping. This is a MUST SEE. I call this Vancouver's Runaway. There is over 5 blocks of shopping. You can get anything from designer clothing to thrift finds here. There are great eateries to check out to refuel yourself from all the shopping. It does not matter if you visit in the summer or winter you will always find the streets bustling and the shops with great deals. There is not much more to be said about this shopping mecca except put on some comfy shoes and hit the shops


We have some of the most beautiful beaches around. You would not think this to be true with all the beauty in the world, but once you visit some of our beaches you will see what I mean. Spanish Banks is one of my favourites as I feel it does not get that crowded and at certain parts of the day the tide is out so far that you can walk out in the sand for miles all while you have the city skyline behind you. It is truly something spectacular


Stanley Park kinda of reminds me of Central Park in New York. A spectacular park that borders the city? What else could you ask for. The Park is bordered by the seaway where you can bike, rollerblade or simply just walk all the way around the entire park. Inside the Park you can visit the Aquarium or sunbathe at some of the beaches offered here. In the summer time the Theatre Under The Stars takes up residence and puts on some of the best musicals I have seen. I hope you get to come and enjoy this ecological space when you are in Vancouver


Wether you ski or hike there is something to be enjoyed at all of our Local Mountains. My personal favourite is Grouse Mountain. There is a gondola that takes you to the top and here you will have to most spectacular view of the city. If you want a bit of a challenge you can hike up the mountain on the Grouse Grind. It is a gruelling hike but the feeling you get when you reach the top is priceless.

I really hope you guys get to visit my beautiful city. If you have visited before I would love to hear what some of your favourite things to do here are.

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