If you guys have noticed I have been away for Instagram for the last few days. This was not really something I wanted to do as I have to admit I am addicted, but it is a choice I made after finding out I have been shadow banned. Instagram is and has always been my favourite social media platform. I love seeing what you guys are all up, how your styling the current trends and interacting with you all, that is why I am so frustrated with Instagram.

Over the last month I have notices a large decline in my engagement, I have not altered my content, nor have I used bots in any way so I was so confused as to what was going on with my account. I tried to adjust the time I posted to see if anything would change but nothing. I did read about shadow banning and found a site that you can check to see if your photo has been shadow banned. I plugged in my photos and it said everything was fine that I was NOT shadow banned.

I continued to post everyday like normal and interact with others like everything was fine. Growing more frustrated as time went by and nothing was changing I did some more research still testing my photos through the site and everything still seem to be good. I decided to sign out of my account and check the hashtags I was using and guess what? My photos were not showing up in any of them. Well here we go I finally have some answers. Even though the site I was checking with said I was NOT shadow banned I in fact was.

I have to admit panic set it and I really did not know what to do. I feel like I have worked so hard over the last year and half growing my account organically and trust me it is not easy, it is a lot of hard work and a huge time commitment. Now I have this account where my pictures (the ones I spend a lot of time putting together ) are not getting the attention they use to or that they deserve.

Since this is a huge part of my business I was so consumed with trying to figure this out I spent hour on hours reading articles and connecting with other bloggers to find some solutions, hence the break for Instagram. There are so many suggestions out there but here are the steps I took:

Fist : I deleted my search history in my Instagram account

Second : I deleted the hashtags on the last few photos, the ones I knew were shadow banned for sure

Third : I made sure I went through the apps I have authorized to link to my Instagram account and make sure they are one I genuinely use

Fourth :Then came the hard part, total Instagram break! Log out of your account on your phone and desktop and do not log back in for 72 hours.

Fifth : The last step is your first post back use a minimal amount of hashtags and make sure type them in organically not pasting them from somewhere where you have saved them.

My first post back was yesterday and it was just a test one I wanted to do to check to see if things were fixed with the shadow ban. As of yesterday my post were showing up on the hashtags I had used so the shadow ban seems to be lifted. My engagement was still quite low yesterday but from what I have read since being away from Instagram for over 72 hours it takes a few days to get back into the instagram algorithm.

We will see how things go from now on, All I can do from this point on is post great content, organically grow my account, ad interact with my followers and others. I will keep you posted on what the progress is and be sure to follow along on my Instagram.

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