For anyone knows me at all they would tell you I am all about, schedules, and routines. I’ve had a lot of questions on Instagram about my mourning routine, so I figured I’d address all your questions right here in a blog post. I absolutely love my mourning routine! Let’s get into more details on what my day to day looks like…

I wouldn’t say I get up super early but I do like to get up a little earlier then my son who is in high school. I love that quiet morning coffee before I get going.

Here is my morning routine in a nutshell:

7 AM– my alarm goes off, I don’t push snooze (and tell myself that I’m already awake, just DO IT). Grab my first cup of coffee and head outside into the backyard with my dog. The sun has been shining lately and I love the fresh crisp air in the morning.

7:30 AM–My son gets up and I make some sort of breakfast, usually eggs, cereal, oatmeal or a acai bowl and spend a few momments with him before he heads off to get ready for school and I get his lunch made. At this point I usually just have a small snack like a piece of fruit or a little bit of yogurt.

8:45 AM–Usually about the time I get home from driving to school and back and time to fuel up for the day. Make myself a second cup of coffee and healthy breakfast. Eggs or Avocado toast is usually my go to.

9:00AM- Time to open my computer, check emails, and work on the blog as well as reply to any social media comments or dms I received overnight. I spend the next couple of hours working and getting caught up and planning the day ahead. Any deadlines I need to meet or looks I need to shoot.

10:30– I usually take a little time to clean up and tidy the house so I don’t have to do it later when I get home from running errands, or spin, whatever it is I have panned that day

11:30 AM – Its time to get ready for Spin class and I usually drink a fresh pressed juice before spin, it really gives my energy and it’s so yummy. It keeps me going until I get home and have a healthy lunch.

And that’s my morning routine! It’s efficient, quick, and easy! This allows me time in the afternoon and evenings to complete errands and spend time with my family. I ALWAYS go to bed by 11pm. It’s super important, especially for the early morning wake up call! I’d love to hear from you and what you think works best for you in the mornings!

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