We are halfway through the summer and as most of you may know summer is my favourite time ever. My love for the season often comes with a little bit of slacking in other aspects of my life. I have been enjoy the weather and the time with family that my healthy eating and fitness has really suffered, I am trying really hard not to be too hard on myself cause family time is really the most important to me. I always have a hard time balancing it all as I am sure many of you do.

I just booked a trip to Maui with my hubby for the winter and there is no better motivator then looking your best on vacay. So here we go, today is the day I start changing my habits and cleaning up my diet to a more healthy diet.

I don't really like to set goals on weight as I really do not pay attention to the scale too much but I do like to take measurements and that is really what I go by. I took all my measurements today and am ready to go. I have 4 months before I am in a bikini on the beach. I am taking you guys along on this journey with my. I will be sharing my food, workouts, my progress and even my struggles with you all through the blog and on my IG.

Here are the changes I am making to hit my goals over the next month:

Cutting out 80% of carbs (lets be honest who can go cold turkey on this)

Incorporating at least 2 straight workouts into my week to add some variety

Drinking double the amount of water I am drinking

Doing a food journal to help me stay on track

I will be adding to this list as time goes on but I really feel you should set attainable goals and this is what I feel like I can achieve this month with my kids still being out of school and summer in full swing.

I hope you guys follow along, I have started a new IG account to document all the steps of my journey.Follow me HERE

If you have any tips or advice I could use all I can get.

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