NO MORE EXCUSES....Why you should work out.

We've all heard the excuses “I work too many hours and I have a lot of work to do". Long work hours often lead to this one “ I don’t have any time to work out'. But that's all they are excuses . While most people want to get fitter, not everyone can be bothered to put the effort, often citing a lack of time and too many responsibilities to be able to give up such large chunks of time.

If you struggles to find time to fit a workout into your long day, you might benefit from altering your view of why you should work out.

You may have in your head the notion that you have to join a gym or start attending group fitness classes to get a suitable amount of exercise, but this isn't necessarily the case. What you really need to do is make sure that exercise becomes such an essential part of your day that you can't imagine not doing it .The fact of the matter is that exercise should be a part of everybody's everyday life. No matter how long your workday might be, there are compelling reasons why you should 'squeeze in' a workout, which will help you to:

• lose weight and lower body fat percentage

• improve your physical appearance and self-esteem

• increase your muscular strength and endurance

• increase your stamina and ability to do continuous work

• improve your cardiovascular levels (your body's ability to use oxygen)

• prevent muscle and joint injury

• improve your balance and coordination

• improve your performance in sports and recreational activies • increase your bone density to prevent osteoporosis

• lower your resting heart rare and blood pressure

• reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol while raising cholesterol (HDL) levels

• enhance your sexual desire and performance

• reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

• reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer

• increase your insulin sensitivity and prevent type 2 diabetes • reduce your level of anxiety and help you manage stress

• improve the function of your immune system

• sleep better and improve your focus and mood

While not having the time or motivation after a long day at work might the a genuine factor in your reluctance to begin working out it's still a poor excuse. When you consider the big picture, you should always be your top priority. The day-to-day stress of making a living and providing for a family might seem like the most import thing in your life but when it comes down to it, nothing should be a priority over your health.

Even if you have no other option but to put in a long work day, there are many reasons to start finding time to fit in a workout.

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