Hope you’re having a great start to the week! This weekend when I got together for girls night with my favorite girlfriends and we started talking about all the beautiful places to see in Canada. Not only is there so many places to see but it is so easy to travel throughout the country. Today I thought I’d give some tips on the best ways to travel around Canada.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and its landscape is as diverse as it is beautiful.

When you take a trip to Canada you really don’t want to miss a thing and you should soak up as much of what the country has to offer. With so many options to explore here are a few of my favorite ways to see the Country


The Canadian rail system is extremely comprehensive, well developed and very accessible. You can enjoy the breath-taking scenery as you relax in a spacious and comfortable train cabins. For longer trips, you can even check out a sleeper room. While the trip may take longer than in an airplane, there are no long security lines to contend with and what you experience as look out your cabin window will more than make up for it, the views are very scenic. Many travellers will declare that a train ride through the Canadian Rockies is the best way to experience this rugged but beautiful region.

Check out ViaRail to explore all the different itineraries they offer.


Renting a car to travel through Canada is a popular option with many tourists even for us locals too!, and for good reason. It is the perfect way to see and experience the beauty of the amazing land with the added benefit of being able to stop whenever you like and pack whatever you like. There are many road trip routes that you can follow such as The Sea to Sky Highway or The Eastern Townships of Quebec. Check out Canada’s 10 Most Scenic Road Trips to plan your next adventures.

You can take a road trip at any time, but it is probably best to do your Canadian road trip during the summer months, though the Fall season is awesome with the colorful leaves, resembling a beautiful painting.


Of course, the quickest way to explore Canada is by airplane as you can catch one of Canada’s many domestic flights that are readily available. However, I’ve got to say that we don’t have the most wallet-friendly options, my American friends got the upper hand on this one.

As with any flight, be prepared for security checks and baggage allowances. While you will likely book a flight with one of Canada’s larger airlines, there are some other smaller carrier options, which will get you there just as quick as their more expensive counterparts. With thirteen international airports as well as numerous smaller airports in more remote areas, there will be a flight to wherever it is you want to go!


With an extensive coastline and a landscape dotted with lakes and rivers, you won’t be surprised to hear that travelling by boat or ferry is quite popular when visiting Canada. There are many ferry services available between mainland Canada and the numerous islands to the north of the country. Once your ride is paid for, you can just walk on and walk off again at the other side. You can use the ferry services to catch a ferry to discover some of the beautiful coastal island retreats as well as the various little inlets and coves along the coastline. I’d say that that the Ferry option is certainly more popular in the west coast (Vancouver) and the east coast, in the Maritimes. Check out the BC Ferries for so many different vacation options on the various different islands on the West Coast.

There are so many ways to explore this magnificent country that you really do have unlimited choices. It will be a combination of personal preference, time constraints and budget which will help you decide what Canadian adventure you want to take. So… to my American friends, I hope you’ll take the time to explore Canada as much as I’ve had the privilege to do so.

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