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Having a clean closet is something that everybody wants and sometimes we just don't know where to start. These closet organization ideas will streamline your daily routine, give you a clean and tidy area in your home and most of give you more space to utilize in your closet.

Whether your closet is big or small if you want to make the most of your space it is time for you to try some of these closet organization ideas.

organization ideas

This post is all about closet organization

1. Start Fresh

The first thing you want to do is start with a clean canvas, take everything out of your closet and start from the beginning. This is the best way to figure out where you feel the best place is for you to put each group of items

2. Utilize Baskets

Using baskets in your closet not only looks pretty aesthetically but it servers a big purpose of putting things away you don't necessarily want to see. You could you this for seasonal items or even things like your undergarment.

3. Add a Clothing Rack

Adding a clothing rack to you closet organization is a good way to give yourself a extra storage, Not only do you get space but it looks pretty in the space. You can use it to display some of your favourite items you love wearing on repeat, you can add seasonal items yeah season, it really is a versatile organization idea. Another bonus is that it will force you to keep your clothing looking neat and tidy since it is out in the open.


4.Organize by Season

This is a huge life changing organization hack in my opinion. I started doing this when we moved into our new house and it has made it easy to find outfits I love for the season we are in. Use storage bins to store clothes that are not in season and put away either on the very top of your closet or even under your bed if that works. This organization idea will make your closet look so tidy and neat and will be so much more functional.

5.Stack your shoes

This organization idea is for all you shoe lovers. I am definitely guilty of this but stacking your shoes (one facing forward and the other facing backwards) is the best way to store and to display all your shoes. You can actually fit almost double the amount of shoes on one shelf using this organization hack.

6. Purge with Purpose

Going through your clothing and purging is a great place to start. This is not only purposeful as it will help keeping things tidy but it is actually very therapeutic. I think a good rule of thumb is if you have not worn it in a year do you really need it.

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7. Hang your purses

Adding decorative hooks to your closet is a great way to display your purses. It is a space saving organization idea that not only has a purpose but you will be able to see all your purses on display and maybe you will start using ones that you have not used in a while because you may have forgot about them.

8. Use The Same Hangers

This may seem silly because you probably already have a million hangers in your closet but using the same hanger for everything makes everything look so much cleaner and streamlined. It also allows you to fit more into your closet.

9. Colour Coordinate

Colour coordinating your clothing is a must while organizing your closet. It really helps in trying to find items you are looking for it also helps in building your outfits for the day. As a bonus it looks so good aesthetically.

10. Use Drawer Organizers

Even though you are putting things in your drawer and they will not be seen its important to keep it the inside of the drawer organized so it serves a purpose and makes your daily life easier. Drawer organizers are perfect, they keep things separated and tidy and in groups of similar items.

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11. Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes saves space in your drawers and shelves but is also gives you a good view of each item so you can find something things very easily. This method of organizing also keeps your clothing from wrinkling.

I have also found this to be effective when packing your clothing too.

12. Style Your Space

This is the fun part of organizing your closet. Make it your own private dressing room. Add a mirror, wallpaper, if you have space a ottoman, wall art whatever you feel will make this space fell beautiful. Have fun with it.

closet organization

13. Organize Smart

The best way to organize your closet is to organize in zones. Think about how you go about picking out your outfit and how you get dressed, this will help you determine how you want o organize your closet.

14. Make a Display Wall

Displaying your favourite items is a great way to organize your favourite items. Hats are great for creating a display wall in your newly organized closet. It gives your space style but also keeps your hats in one place. Another item this works well with is purses and handbags.

15. Use Your Dressers

If you have dressers in your bedroom and not necessarily in your closet use them, this is a great space for workout clothing like leggings and all your swimsuits, undergarment and even t shirts.

16. Use Every Nook And Cranny Of Your Space

This is so important, use the full vertical space in your closet but storage bins on the very top to maximize space, Make sure to use the full depth of shelving, any empty wall space you can add hook and display something or hangs something. Make every single inch of your closet work for your purpose.

17. Door Organization

If your closet has a door utilize the back of it with storage ideas, there are so many storage solutions for the back of the door which will maximize your storage.

18. Make Room For A Hamper

Having a Laudry hamper is a must, this will ensure you don't throw your clothing on the floor and keep your nicely organized closet tidy and clean, This will also keep you on track with your laundry duties as you will clearly see when its time to get the laundry done.

19. Put Jewelry On Display

This serves multiple purposes and I am sure you can see that has been the theme of this organization post, Putting your jewelry on display makes the space pretty but also you can see all the jewelry and makes it easier to put together your looks

20. Use Clothing Dividers

This is a very extra organization idea in my opinion but you can use clothing divider and table them with all the various categories you have like sweaters, blouses, dresses etc.

These are the best organization ideas I have found have helped me so much in organizing my closet and creating a space that is functional, multi purpose and looks pretty too,

This post was all about closet organization

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