Mastering how to wear over the knee boots is no easy feat. The thought of wearing boots that creep halfway-up-your-leg sound like quite the fashion statement. In other words, OTK boots are bold move – but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull them off. Trust me, you can rock them.

Yes, over the knee boots are inherently risqué and sexy; BUT they can also make for a classy and feminine ensemble when paired with the right pieces.

I’ll admit, the whole over-the-knee boot thing intimidated me at first. I’ve seen them here and there and all around the fashion scene for a few years now. But to be honest, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to pull them off. But like most ‘out there’ trends, I eventually warmed up the idea and bought my first pair a few months ago!

Once you get passed the hurdle of figuring out how to wear them, they’re actually really fun to have as part of your winter wardrobe. For me, my main concern was that I could wear them and still look classy and ladylike. For lack of a better comparison, I didn’t want to look like Julia Roberts in pretty woman – if you know what I mean. One of my favourite ways to wear them is with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. I think my favorite part about over the knee boots is that they literally MAKE an outfit. So for those months when it’s too cold to even think about looking cute, I like how these boots will step up my winter wardrobe game without much effort. Seriously, if I just throw on a coat, skinnies and these boots I feel like I actually look put together. Not only are they statement-worthy, but they’re actually functional because they’re super warm. I’ve really loved wearing mine recently and look forward to finding new ways to style them in the months ahead.


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