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Jumpsuits are one of my new favourite outfits. Not only are they super comfortable they are stylish and can make any outfit look chic. I only bought my first one last month and now i feel like that is all I want to buy.

I recently purchased the cutest polka dot jumpsuit and I am obsessed with it. It is not quite the weather here to wear it so I styled it for the transitional weather we are currently in.

Today I am going to share the 3 ways I styled this polka dot jumpsuit.

polka dot jumpsuit styled 3 ways

The first way is with a long cardigan, you can go for a lightweight cardigan or a cozier one depending on what your current weather is like.

pola dot jumpsuit

Second style is for those day or evening when its still chilly out. I put this cute white sweater and did a side knot on it and paired it with a cute pair of ankle booties.

polka dot jumpsuit

Third style is causal of course cause you know me all about the casual all the time. I paired it with a cute pair of white sneakers, baseball cal and a sweatshirt. This would be a perfect weekend look.

polka dot jumpsuit

Hope you got some inso for styling this great polka dot jumpsuit....


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