Just when you think you’ve finally “cracked the code,” Instagram switches it up AGAIN. Trust me, navigating the ever-changing waters of our beloved app hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world.

As an blogger, Instagram has been absolutely pivotal in my success. From sharing my blog posts to sharing a peak into my day to day life. Instagram is a place not just for growing my business but also creating a community.

So how do you use the app beyond sharing your pretty flat lays or your OOTD. I have some great tips on how to post on Instagram like a pro.

Never post in real time

Seriously? Yes. I am telling you to wait. Even though the name of the app is Instagram when you post on the fly and in the moment you’re doing a few things that may not benefit your business: you’re likely slapping on a filter and not paying attention to details or you’re rushing to type a caption that may cause you to forget a important detail.

Take the shot and then put your phone down. When you have a bit of time, edit it, caption it thoughtfully, and hashtag it intentionally. This will give you the ability to more thoughtful with your feed.

Don’t promote yourself all the time

One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers make is that their feed is all about promoting something whether it be a product or a blog post. It’s important to show more aspects of YOU than just your business, people have to first know, like, and trust you before they will ever consider supporting your blog.

Choose 5 facets of your life that make you, Share things like: the city you live in, your pets, your hobbies, travels, food… keep it as personal as you feel so others feel like they know YOU.

Use calls to actions

With the algorithm, engagement is the name of the game!

In order to show up in the feeds of your followers, you have to prove your content is worthy. What does this mean? You must encourage people to “like” and comment on your content.

Be intentional with each post and include some sort of invitation for your followers. Ask a question, have them tag a friend below. Just include an invitation to engage with you in every post to boost your algorithm odds!

Hashtag intentionally

Did you know that if you are using hashtags, you are more likely to receive engagement on your post? It’s time that you get intentional with your use of hashtags and really think about what your dream clients are searching for, so that you can end up in front of them!

For every post you publish, you have 30 opportunities to use great hashtags. I love to use both wide tags and narrow tags. For example, if I am sharing a wedding photo that I took, I might use #blogger AND #vancouverblogger to reach both a broad and narrow audience.

Build your community

It’s easy to log in and mindlessly scroll, but what would it look like if you logged in and spent 20 minutes encouraging people you follow OR people who follow you? Set a timer and log in with the intention of fostering community. It might sound crazy, but some of my dearest friends were found on this silly app.

If you are spending time in creating such great posts and your followers are responding to it take a few minutes to comment back, thank them, or even hop over to their feed and return the favor. Trust me, it will not go unnoticed and it will encourage people to continue to engage with you in the future.

Lets get social together, follow along on Instagram.

Social media continues to change on a daily basis, have fun with it, share your story, and create true relationships both on and off of the app.

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