What is your go-to, pick-me-up that gives you a little confidence boost?

It’s not always easy to write about makeup or other beauty products, news or routines. Especially when you’re PMSing and feel like you’ve gained 10 pounds overnight. Whenever I’m feeling a little down about myself, I do have a few little quick and easy confidence boosters, that always seem to do the trick for me.


Whether it’s a new fragrance or your signature scent, a few spritz of perfume can boost your confidence and lift your mood. This is something that I do all the time, sometimes even when sitting at home working on blog posts, wearing leggings and a baggy sweater. It just makes me feel confident and ready to take on the world. Same thing goes for important meetings, or whenever I know I’ll be meeting someone new. Wearing my signature scent always eases up my anxiety.


When talking confidence, I wear particularly bright, intense color lipstick. I think that we’ve all head that wearing red lipstick is the best thing for boosting your confidence, but it’s important to find one that goes well with your skin tone, it doesn’t have to be red necessarily. Nowadays, red lipstick is considered a source of strength and… you guessed it, confidence!


How good does it feel to be wearing not only matching lingerie, but also one that’s cute and flattering? This is probably one of my favorite ways of boosting my confidence when I’m feeling a little down. I recently splurged on a few sets. For myself. I think that anything that has pretty lace on it is a perfect little treat. Right now I am really trying to stay away from push up bras and I am loving the trend of all of these cute bralettes, check out these out at Victoria’s Secret. They are so comfy and come in a few different colors.


I am not one to dress up a lot, I am usually in my active wear. I also never owned a pair of heels until two years into dating my husband, when I was 19. Once I learned how to walk in them, I couldn’t get enough. I loved how my legs looked so long and slim. I have read that wearing a pair of heels can change the way you feel about yourself, if I have a important meeting or sometimes even a important call to do, when I put my heels on I automatically feel beautiful and confident and my mood changes. Studies actually confirm that wearing high heels is great for boosting your self-esteem and assertiveness.

Taking care of your look isn’t the only or most important thing to take care of when trying to boost your confidence though. It might sound silly, but as I always say, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. That’s why it’s so important to nourish it!

Do you guys have any quick confidence boosters that put an instant smile on your face?

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