Check out some of my readers favourite posts from 2016

It feels like 2016 went by way too quickly (I guess that’s what happens when you get older)! This year for me has been filled with so many wonderful things. The year started out with the birth of my blog Cupcakes And Life. I have to admit, about mid-year, life started kicking me in the butt a little bit. Some people think that having a blog is fun, exciting and easy and although yes I agree there is a lot of fun and excitement to it, keeping up with all the latest trends and being consistent is tough.

The good news is, is that today starts a brand new year to conquer! I am more than excited to throw away all the negative things from 2016 and focus on making 2017 my year! I’m REALLY excited for this year because I have a big move planned for my family, we are relocating to a new city mid year and I am excited to get to know the new place I will call home.

I also have some fantastic things planned for my website as well! There are some really amazing collaborations, giveaways, and updates coming your way…so stay tuned for some major awesomeness!

Cant forget about my travel adventures planned for this year,I have a few on my calendar and can't wait to share them with you guys.

As I continue this journey through my website, I just want to thank all of you loyal readers out there! None of these amazing things that I get to do would be possible without you! I love every single comment that I receive on my posts and social media, and I am truly grateful for all the support I receive!


I hope you all had an absolutely amazing NYE and continue to have a great year! Let’s make 2017 a great one!

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