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You guys all know that I am a smoothie lover I mean I pretty much have a smoothie everyday, but one thing I don’t like about the smoothie making is all the prep. I finally found a solution to this, Revive Organics.

Revive Organics is Canada’s first subscription based smoothie service that delivers ready-to-blend, organic smoothies right to your door. The come in single-portion cups loaded with all natural organic ingredience ready to blend in as little as 30 seconds when you are ready to enjoy your favourite smoothie. This is definitely my kind of subscription service.


How Revive Organics Works:

1. Choose your plan – You can choose to receive six, nine, twelve, or 24 cups each week or 24 cups once a month.

2. Build Your Box – This is the fun part! Select the smoothie flavours that speak to you and add them to your order.

3. Checkout and wait for your delivery –They’ll deliver your order (for free!) on the day of the week specified at checkout. Once you receive your smoothies, #justblend!

I recently got my first delivery and was super excited to give them a try. First off there are so many flavours to choose from and they are so unique but all are so delicious. They currently have 12 smoothies to choose from. They seem to have something for everyone. They have a few different green smoothies in the current product line and a few that include cacao plus some fruit ones as well. I think my fave would be the Pink Dragon and the Strawberry Zen.

I have already mentioned how convenient these smoothies are, but it is so important to me to have quality healthy ingredience in every smoothie. I love how it clearly shows on every cup exactly what is inside so you can feel good about what you are drinking. It also gives you the nutritional content, which is something important to me as I can fit it into tracking my macros.

Your first box comes with this awesome stainless steel straw. It’s absolutely perfect because the smoothie containers are also meant to be used as cups(yay no dishes). Simply remove the top, fill with milk of your choice of liquid, pour contents into blender, blend until smooth, pour the smoothie back into the cup, put the lid back on, and put the straw in and voila! Seriously, how perfect is that!! Go check out my IG Stories today and see how easy it is, it literally takes 30 seconds to make this amazing smoothie.

I have been so busy blending up these delicious smoothies I am so ready to restock my freezer.

Head over to Revive Organics and pick your flavours, use my code “CUPCAKES50 “ to receive 50% off your order.



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