Updated: Oct 27, 2018

St. Thomas is one of three major islands within the U.S. Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. The U.S. Virgin Islands are located right next to the British Virgin Islands. This Caribbean oasis has only 50,000 residents, yet has more than 2,000,000 visitors per year (mainly by way of cruise ship). Which is how I visited this beautiful island. Being that it is a U.S. territory, it is very safe and easy to get around. It is best known for its beautiful beaches (including Magens Bay – voted best in the world) and it’s world class snorkeling.

We only had one day on this Island as we were on a cruise so we could only fit in so much in that time. We decided to spend most of our day at Magen’s Bay and relax on the beach.


I have been to a lot of cruise ports but this one was very organized, you can take a taxi and by taxi I mean a trunk bed with rows fastened on top that you just jump on for a couple bucks. It was actually a great way to see the city as you drove through it. Walking is also a great way to see all the different shops very close to the cruise terminal.


This beach is vote the one of the best in the world so it was a must see for us. Driving over the mountainside of this island was something you have to experience the steep incline up the mountain gave us a great view of the cruise port and the entire town and going down the mountainside we got a peak at Magen’s Bay.

The Beach itself was fairly long, white sand and turquoise water, exactly what we envisioned. It was fairly busy being it being a cruise day and there were tons of cruiser on this beach, can you blame them it is voted the best in the world.

We spent the day snorkeling, paddle boarding, relaxing and of course taking photos. There is a great little restaurant to grab some lunch and a pina colada and voila you have a perfect day in paradise.


Virtually every island we went to had great shopping but St. Thomas was had some great designer stores as well as some great jewelry stores. I bought a beautiful new diamond necklace that I have been looking for. It was 60% less here then back home so why not right?

Even though I only spent one day on this island I could tell it is somewhere I want to visit in the future for a monger time, that is one of the reasons I love cruising. Seeing so many different islands on one trip can be great for planning your next getaway.

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