What can I say, my hubby and I love date night. Before kids we went out a lot. But, we’ve been trying to carry on with our date night traditions. More often then not that means in-house date nights I thought I would share with you our top 10 picks for stay at home date nights.

Picnic by the Fire - Light the fireplace, spread a blanket out on the floor and pile on the picnic food. No fireplace? No problem. Light some candles or, if your kids have one of those stuffed animals that project stars onto the ceiling, that’s perfect you have a picnic under the stars.

Cook Together – We both like to cook so this works for us. We are always finding new recipes we want to try so after the kids go to bed we’ll get started on a real meal for the grown ups. Sipping on some great wine and enjoy the end result is a great way to re connect.

Game Night – Pick your favorite board games or card games and make a night of it. There are some fun themed monopoly games out there too like this Wine-Opoly or Chocolate-Opoly that can help you create a whole theme night.

Wine Tasting – We always hear about the wine tasting at the wineries, here is your chance to set up your own wine tasting at home. Just pick a few bottles of wine you’ve been wanting to try and pop some corks

Make Art – Buy a canvas at your local craft store and do a collaborative art project together. You never know. You might create something really funky and worth hanging on a bedroom wall.

Take it Outside –After the kids are all tucked it grab some blankets make some Adult hot chocolate (add a little baileys) and set up your own observatory. Star gazing with your hubby wrapped up in a blanket together is one of my favourite ways to spend the evening.

Surprise Date Night –We used to take turns doing this when we went out. It would be one partner’s responsibility to plan the entire date night and the other just gets to sit back and be surprised. It can be as simple as elaborate as you like but half the fun is the surprise.

Movie Night – Need I say more? Sometimes snuggling up on the couch with a good flick, a warm blanket and a fresh bowl of popcorn are just what the doctor ordered.

Message-Get the message oil out and take turns giving each other a message. You will feel the day melt away while spending some quality very romantic time together.

What is your favourite stay at home date night?

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