Your time is one of your most valuable personal assets, do you keep track of where it goes? Some of these things that you need to stop wasting time on just… happen. We do those things mindlessly, not giving them a lot of thought. What would it feel like to have more freedom, more time to do things you truly enjoy? Today I am sharing with you some of the things you need to stop wasting time on everyday.


Regret will not change anything. It won’t make your current circumstance or situation any better or different, regret will not change your past. It’s simple as that. For the most part, regret keeps you stuck and if you spend too much of your time living in regret, you will find it impossible to move forward. It’s this moment, right here, that you have to make worth living. Do you want to spend your energy thinking of what could have been, or would it be better if you took that energy to work and create something that can be?


As much as you sometimes try to avoid it… drama might somehow find its way in. Getting involved in someone else’s pointless drama is a huge waste of time. We sometimes just loooove wasting our energy gossiping and telling stories. Things like these don’t bother you until you actually realize how stupid and pointless they are, AND just how much energy they take away from you.


Sometimes we get so busy, we feel overwhelmed and try to do way too much all at once, while ending up getting… nothing done. That, is classified as pointless busyness. Just because you find yourself being busy, it doesn’t mean that you’re getting a ton of things done. Focus on single-tasking, try time-blocking and swap being busy for being productive.


Not all of those are easy to let go of, but ending toxic relationships can transform your life. Gossip, complaining, nagging, these things bring exactly ZERO value to your life. Every once in a while, take some time to re-evaluate your relationships.


Looking at others, thinking: “I wish I was doing that, too.” Don’t we all sometimes have those feelings? Constant comparison, especially the 21st century kind of comparison when most people put their lives online for everyone else to see, is flat-out unfair. On the one hand we judge, others, and on the other hand, we feel jealous when looking at someone else’s success or life. Neither of those are positive feeling. Quit being unfair to both yourself and other people and learn to appreciate where you are; see all the good, the magic that your own life has. Don’t waste your time on worrying about what everyone else is doing.


“Things will be better when…”

“I will be happy when…”

…I am sure you can fill in that blank.

The perfect moments never come. You can spend the rest of your life waiting. If there is something you want to do or accomplish, start now. No matter how small that first step might be, take it. Today, or even now. Do not spend the rest of your life waiting.

Some people, usually those who are close to us, have their own idea of what they think our lives should look like, or which path we should be taking. We have to learn to live our lives, unapologetically, not worrying about or wasting time on thinking if it meets with someone else’s approval.

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