It’s here! Summer is here! It always feels like to summer flies by. This year I don’t miss any of the things I really want to do. After I settle into my new house and get unpacked I’m making slowing down, relaxing, and having fun a priority. Here it is, my 2017 Summer Bucket List.

Invest in the perfect summer sandal

I see a cute pair of sandals or flip flops marked down 90% and grab them; fast forward 24 hours and either they’re broken or my feet are blistered. But not this summer! This year I’m making it a goal to invest in a quality pair of sandals that will not only take me from morning to night but also be stylish and be versatile. I want to be able to wear them with dresses, shorts, pants, and even jeans.

See a movie in the park.

This is one of those things I think I’m going to do every week, all summer long. I see this is offered in every city, and there are usually multiple locations, so no excuses. I’m determined to go to at least one movie in the park. Box of wine, blankets, and all.

Go to an amusement park.

I am not too much of a thrill ride person but I love the feeling I get when visiting a amusement park. I don’t know about you, but I completely forget about everything and have fun And it’s been far too long since I’ve gone on one! It’s on the list.

Take a weekend road trip to somewhere new.

A lot of people have their go-to getaway spots. A friend’s cabin, a favorite beach town, but this summer, I advise we all dedicate a weekend to exploring some place you’ve never been. Near or far. Pack the car, grab a map, and hit the road with a bit of adventure in your heart. See where it takes you.

Watch an afternoon storm come through.

My new house in Kelowna has a amazing deck with the best view, I can’t wait to sit there wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea watching a storm rolling by. Something I have never done before and is all a part of my slowing down approach.

Swim in a natural body of water.

As soon as I jump in a lake, I’m transported to a simpler time. I am so excited to live right by the lake this year. I urge everyone to spend an afternoon cooling off in a lake, river, or ocean instead of the local pool.

Attend an outdoor concert.
Concerts outside are 100% better than concerts indoors. Something about the energy of the crowd changes as it goes from dusk to darkness. I especially love sitting on the lawn of an outdoor amphitheater and enjoying the as the night falls. I’m making sure to add at least one show to my summer calendar.

Nap outside.

In a park, on the beach, in a hammock under a shady tree. Every weekend. Bonus points for having a dog by your side.

Have a late night picnic under the stars.

A picnic is an obvious summer thing to do. But a nighttime picnic isn’t talked about as much. Switch up the sandwiches for charcuterie, light some candles, and sit back and look at the stars. Sounds magical.

Whats on your summer bucket list?

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