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We are well into the summer month and summer weather means pool days, beach day, lake days and some super cute swimsuits. Are you team one piece or team 2 piece? I have been really loving the one piece suits this season. I find them super comfy and feel like they give me the perfect amount of coverage to feel confident. Although I do have to say the 2 piece swimsuit has totally evolved over the last few years. I love the high waisted styles that are trending right now.

I have bought my fair share of swimsuits this year( mostly one pieces) and today I am going to share all my favourites with you. This is actually the best time to grab yourself some because mostly everywhere they are currently on sale.

I really love the neutral colours of this one piece swimsuit. The pretty white design is so simple and chic. One of my other favourite things about this swimsuit is the tie straps, this makes it fully adjustable.

This swimsuit was my first one I purchased this season. You all know I love it already because it is leopard print, but the style of it is so perfect too. It has a wrap around style which is fully adjustable and it makes this suit super flattering on.

I do have to say that everyone need a white one piece. I was a bit skeptical with buying white (this suit comes in many colours). When I got this swimsuit in I was sold, loved the ribbed material it has and has a really good lining in it so it is definitely see through. Plus it is super comfortable.

How could I pass up this cute swimmie? Love the white and black and of course the leopard pattern. This swimsuit has a cute tie back detail to give it a little bit of style. Super cute on.

Here you go, I threw in a 2 piece. This is probably the only style I would wear. The high waisted bottoms are perfect and give the right amount of coverage in the tummy and backside. I have to say I was impressed how flattering this style looked on me.

Here are a few tips I have for you when choosing a one piece suit:

Go for Colour and Patterned Suits--I find that colours and patterned swimsuits are the most flattering, they help disguise the lumps and bumps and the little love handles while solid light coloured swimsuits tend to show more imperfections.

Treat It Like an Investment--I don’t feel guilty spending more money on a swimsuit because typically that means the quality is much better, the fabric will be thicker, and it won’t lose shape or bag out in areas you don’t want it to bag!! You’re more than likely to have a good quality swimsuit for a long time so it’s best to find one that checks all of these boxes so you’re happy with it for years!

Hit Up the Underwire--That’s right, I know many of you out there need a little extra support for the girls so make sure to go for a suit that has an underwire built right in, that way the girls will be in control and you’ll feel wayyy more comfortable!!

Have Fun with It--Don’t be afraid to go for bold colours or patterns,it’s fun to find swimsuits that are a bit of a statement and that are also cute, classic, timeless and SEXY!!

As I mentioned before there are a lot of great sales going on right now so go check out some of your favourite online shops and have fun. I have linked up a few other favourites down below....


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