Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Picking out the perfect swimsuit can sometimes be a daunting task in itself. The last few years my go to suit has always been a 2 piece and it always made me dread going swimsuit shopping. Boy am I glad the trend of the one piece is here. It took me a little while to buy into this trend as in the past I have always thought very differently about the one piece. But once I tried a few of them on I fell in love. First of all almost all the one piece suits are flattering and they have come a long way in the styles available. You can pretty much go with a sexy one piece or go for as much coverage as you want.

I tend to go for one piece suits that have some sort of colour and detail. Like this one from La Vie En Rose. It has the prettiest frill detail on the strap and in the back. The colour is what initially attracted me to it and the fact that it is ribbed really makes the colour pop and unique.

Here are a few tips I have for you when choosing a one piece suit:

Go for Colour and Patterned Suits--I find that colours and patterned swimsuits are the most flattering, they help disguise the lumps and bumps and the little love handles while solid light coloured swimsuits tend to show more imperfections … including the dreaded CAMELTOE!! LOL!!
Treat It Like an Investment--I don’t feel guilty spending more money on a swimsuit because typically that means the quality is much better, the fabric will be thicker, and it won’t lose shape or bag out in areas you don’t want it to bag!! You’re more than likely to have a good quality swimsuit for a long time so it’s best to find one that checks all of these boxes so you’re happy with it for years!
Hit Up the Underwire--That’s right, I know many of you out there need a little extra support for the girls so make sure to go for a suit that has an underwire built right in, that way the girls will be in control and you’ll feel wayyy more comfortable!!
Have Fun with It--Don’t be afraid to go for bold colours or patterns (as long as you feel good in it and that camel toe is in hiding!), it’s fun to find swimsuits that are a bit of a statement and that are also cute, classic, timeless and SEXY!!

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