Who doesn't love the feel of the sand between your toes—Just like me many of you are on a beach somewhere enjoying your summer. There is no reason why you have to be inside a gym getting in your workout, instead hit the sand for your workout. Believe it or not the sand will actually make your workout more effective and here is why.

The natural elements of sand and water give you a challenge that will make your exercise more effective. Did you know running in the sand increases the resistance making you actually work harder, and running in the water does the same. While you are getting a great challenging workout you don't even notice because you are taking in the beautiful scenery and actually enjoying your workout.

Regardless of what your fitness level there are so many exercises you can do at the beach. Here are some my favorites that will help you get a great workout and while enjoying the beach all the the same time.

  • Beach Yoga

The uneven sand challenges your balance. Doing yoga on the beach also means that your joints are instantly cushioned. Try using a app like daily yoga. This will give you a plan without even thinking about it, all you have to do is relax and work hard

  • Beach Running

Running through the sand is completely different then running on the street. The sand will give you the cushioning to protect your joints from impact while giving your muscles a more challenging run.. You can burn up to 2 times as many calories by running on the beach.

  • Beach Volleyball

Some would not call this working out, I mean how fun is it playing volleyball on the beach. Your legs will be burning after this fun workout. It’s also a great way to get that sun kissed glow while squeezing in a workout.

  • The Beach Crawl

Do you want to challenge yourself? The beach crawl is plank position exercise that requires you to crawl in the sand in plank position for 30 to 60 seconds. This exercise in the uneven sand activates your glutes and hamstrings. If you are feeling extra strong, or you just want to show your moves off on the beach try repeating the beach crawl moving backward or sideways.

So if you are like me and enjoying a beach vacation this summer there is no excuses here, get out and enjoy the beach even when you are trying to fit in your workout. A BONUS is that after your workout you can cool off in the ocean with a swim.

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