We eagerly await the arrival of new color palettes each season. This fall, the trends we are seeing are both neutral and bold. The best piece of advice that can be used for this seasons biggest beauty trends is to focus on highlighting one area, and don’t over do it. Check out some of these Do's and Don'ts to take you through the fall season.


When going dark and bold with color pick one area to focus on either lips or eyes

Incorporate a touch of glitter to your beauty routine, it is the trend this fall

Use a liquid eye liner, it gives a clean bold line and defines the eyes

Find the right shade of lip color when going bold

Be BOLD and have FUN

When using bold color on the lips use lipliner

If using a long lasting bold lipstick exfoliate lips before applying

Take the time to fill your brows


Don't skip the mascara, when using liquid eye liner skipping mascara will make your eyes look smaller

Don't be afraid of color, a little color looks good on everyone

With color don't go overboard, don't use a lot of colours at once

No Gloss this season, stick to the matte (plus it lasts longer)

When using glitter think shimmer ( a subtle shimmer goes a long way)

The best part of beauty is that you can express yourself in the way you want to so don;t be afraid to experiment and feel comfortable in your own skin

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