Overalls are BACK! and I couldnt be more happier. I wore overalls many years ago when I was pregnant and thought they were the greatest thing ever. Now that the trend has return I am all about incorporating it into my fall wardrobe. Even though Overalls are popping up everywhere it seems like few people know how to wear them without looking like they just walked off of a farm. While sporting a denim onesie seems pretty foolproof (after all, everything matches with denim), figuring out the right shirt, shoes and accessories to pair with your overalls is an art form.

Here are a few tips to help you look great in your favorite childhood trend:​

Leave the plaid at home — for real. This is one time when wearing a flannel is not okay, unless you’ve been driving a tractor all day.

Stripes, however, are an almost guaranteed home run. Channel your inner sailor with a blue-and-white striped shirt and you’ll look adorable, we promise.

Fit is key. If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps so there is no gapping (or pulling) in the crotch area.

If you’re going for a pair of roomy, slouchy overalls, opt for an ultra feminine shirt underneath. Lace tops, frilly details and off-the-shoulder shirts will help balance out the more masculine silhouette.

Choose grown-up accessories. To avoid looking like a toddler in overalls, leave the bows, backpacks and pigtails at home. Instead, go for structured bags, sleek gold jewelry and a topknot to finish your look.


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