Okay Summer is not quite here yet, I mean Spring has barely arrived but I am on a Spring Break beach vacation and am talking about bathing suits today!

Bathing suits mean beach, pool, sun, party, fun, friends, travel, everything I am doing eight now. Today's post is all about bathing suits, some of my favorites and more importantly how to pick the right swim suit for your body type. As always though, one should always wear what makes them feel comfortable and whatever gives you the confidence and empowerment to take on the day!

If you have smaller chest….. First, consider trying on a strapless top, they are tight, they'll elevate the bust and create curves.

If you have Larger Bust….find a way of giving the girls some support, in addition to not overdoing it at the top. Look for swimsuits with underwire or consider halter tops as well. Skip out on strapless bikinis, they might make the girls look good, but you're going to be constantly adjusting.

If you have extra love on our tummy…. you want to try to give the illusion of being taller. Try a one piece or a High Waisted bikini (Super in right now!). For The one piece, you'll want to consider how sexy to make it. Whether a low, open back, or some cleavage up front will give you options on what fits you best. High waisted bikinis are in and another great option.

When selecting styles keep in mind the designs and how they affect our shape .

This is the first year I am rocking a one piece and I have to admit I am feeling pretty good in it. One pieces have become so popular and they sure have made them sexy. My one piece is from Victoria Secret, here are a few of my other favorite one pieces.

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