Ahhhh Vacation time!!! A vacation is a trip with the sole intentions to relax, eat, (maybe drink) and adventure. Taking vacations can be wonderful but taking the time to exercise and get sweaty often falls by the wayside. It’s all about balance because the last thing you want to do when you’re on vacation is stress out about having to fit in a workout! That defeats the purpose of a vacation! But there’s a major advantage to working out while you’re on vacation…more guilt free eating and drinking! I am on vacation right now and have some tips on how to fit those hassle free workouts in even when you are in vacation mode.

Go First Thing in the Morning.

Most people aren’t confined to a strict itinerary, so even if you think you can squeeze a workout in before dinner or after breakfast, if a fun opportunity arises you probably won’t be working out. Lay a water bottle and your workout clothes out in the bathroom the night before. Set an alarm for an hour before you think anyone else will wake up, bounce out of bed, get dressed in the bathroom and get out the door. Trick your brain before it realizes what is going on!

Trick Your Friends or Family Members!

While I am on vacation I convinced my family to try to hike or do a bike ride through the city. This got everyone involved to do something active at their own levels. But morning and sunset walks, bike riding, hiking, and swimming are all great great active ideas for everyone to do.

Work Hard!

If you only have a tiny window of time to get a workout in, Work extra hard. What does that mean? That means instead of running at a comfortable pace, you are running at set distance at a very high intensity. It’s a the best way to get the most bang for your buck!

Try Something Different

While on my vacation I always take advantage of any new workouts available to me. Usually there is something there that I would not normally do as a workout like spinning, yoga or Pilates. Not only will this be more enjoyable but it will also shock your body and you might actually see some results

Don't Sweat It.

So a few days pass that you don't workout. The world isn't going to end! Enjoy your trip and get back on track when you return. Your world shouldn't revolve around working out, it should only enhanced with it.

How do you fit your workouts in while you are on vacation?

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