Spring Break is getting closer as each day passes by. In my family Spring break has always been a time that we travel together as a family. Each year we spend time trying to figure where the best places are and where we can all enjoy ourselves. It has become such a special time for our family and we have created so many great memories together. My daughter is 17 and it is almost time for her to go off to University so our vacation time together as a family is even more important to us. I have had the opportunity to visit some incredible places and have compiled a list of the TOP 5 SPRING BREAK VACATIONS that everyone in your family will enjoy.


I am sure you have all seen the photos or commercials for this exravigant resort. It is located in the Bahamas and is one of my favourite places to visit. It is actually the only place my kids have asked to visit more then once. This place has it all for families, the best beaches, the best waterpark, some of the best dinning, casino, nightlife for kids, teens and for adults. I don't know what more you could ask for in destination.


We are definetly sun lovers in my family and the Dominican Republic does not disappoint in this category. They have some of the best beaches in the world here which is why we chose to vacation here. The Hard Rcok Resort is one of the newer resorts there whcih has a more contemporary feel along with the rock n roll theme these hotels are known for. This Resort is all inclusive and offers so many ammeneties and dining options there is leterally something for everyone. One thing you should know is that this resort os huge, one of the biggest I have ever been to so be prepared to walk. We did not mind this, it was actually a selling point for us as we stayed for 2 weeks and felt like we never got tired of anything there, it was a new adventure everyday.


This is where my family has chosen to go this year so I don't have any forst hand experiences yet but I can tell you this is the biggest ship in the world and looks like it has everything we all want. We have never cruised before so this will be a first for us, but I am confident that this will be one of the most of if not the most memorable trip yet. Check back with me on my blog to see a full review of this after Spring Break.


I am sure you guys have seen the movoe Blended. If not it is a great family movie to watch together. The Palace of The Lost City is a resort in this movie and it is absolutely incredible. If you have the time and the money to spend it is magical. You will never forget your forst African Safari or camping out together under stars in Africa.


The city life is a great way to spend time together. New York is one amazing city. I am amsolutely in love with the vibrant life it offers everything from shopping, dining, cultire and of course Broadway. I am a Broadway buff and was able to see some of the greatest shows ever here. Could not have asled for a better trip with my family.

Happy Planning your family Spring Break vacation.

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