All great apps solve a problem that you thought you never had, it is no surprise that along with apps to find the best deal possible on your vacation needs there are apps designed to make your vacation eassier, more efficient and the best that they can be. I have personally used all 5 of these apps while traveling and they have proved to be very usefull.


This app links every confirmaion number in your email: airline, hotel, restaurant reservation, tour reservation, etc. and organizes them into one itinerary. You will never have to dig through your paper itiniraries again.


Pinpointing Restaurants, shop, and services in over 125 different airports worldwide. Gateguru helps you make the most of your layover time in those impossible to navigate airports.


Discover local dining gems thorughtout the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia. Shake your phone and watch the dials spin like the vegas slot machines and up comes the best local restaurant along with the review.


This live flight tracker service features all the information you need of flight delays, gate changes, flight cancellations as well as a detailed terminal map.


Ensure you have all the essentials for any trip. This is my favourite app that allows you make lists and create trip templates as well as design a preset list of reminders.

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