As a blogger, I find myself hooked to my phone. It's where I do most of my social networking, my every day camera and also a source of entertainment whenever I'm waiting around for my kids. I often find myself downloading and trying new apps. Here are the ones that I consistently go back to using.

Blogger –this app is great for bloggers on the go. You can quickly and easily compose a post and and either save it in a draft or publish directly to your blog.

Twitter / Facebook – These probably seem obvious, great for getting notifications and updating while you're out and about. I personally find Twitter easier to use on my iPhone, but that's just me

Bloglovin' - A great tool for scrolling through blogs on the go and saving posts you enjoy or find useful for later.

Crowdfire - While blogging isn't all about numbers, it's a great tool to keep an eye on how your Twitter and Instagram are performing. It also allows you to see inactive accounts that follow you.

Evernote - When it comes to note taking apps, this one is my favourite as you can add photos, links and even voice memos to your notes. Great for putting notes together for a post you are working on or if you get inspired while you are out and about.

Instagram - A fairly obvious one, but this photo sharing platform is one of my favourite social networks. Great for showing a bit of an insight into what you've been up to without having to write about it.

Afterlight - This app has so many filters and editing tools on that it would take all day to explain them all. A great tool for making your Instagram photos pop, and if you've got a Instagram theme, the fusion tool is amazing. You can "record" and create your own filters and textures meaning you can do all your normal editing in one click.

VSCO Cam - A fantastic photo editing tool with a grid function which again, if you have an Instagram theme, is great for planning posts. If you don't use a theme, you can always use this to save photos for later.

IFTT - "If This Then That" or IFTT for short which allows you to create formulas so if you do something on one website or app it will do something else on another. For example, if you post a new blog post it can share it to Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest without you having to lift a finger, which makes it a complete lifesaver.

Buffer - Buffer allows you to not only schedule Tweets, Linked in, Google Plus and Facebook posts but also to see the level of interaction each one gets. It also links into IFTT meaning; again, you don't have to manually tweet about your posts.

What apps do you use to make blogging easier?

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