Like all of you I am always interested what new technology is being inverted to make our lives eassier and more efficient. This past week the biggest Consumer Electronic Show happened in Las Vegas and some great new gadgets were unveiled. There are too many of them to talk about but I have a few favourites, here is my list.


Curious just how many carbs and calories are sitting on your dinner plate? A new pocket-sized Bluetooth-enabled gadget called the SCiO promises to reveal the nutritional value of your meal by scanning its chemical makeup. It will hit the consumer market later this year.


Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator combines a massive 21.5-inch, full HD touchscreen with surprising intelligence. The first refrigerator to integrate Amazon Alexa, the appliance features a pair of cameras on the inside that can monitor the fridge’s contents, which you access through a mobile app. The large, gorilla-glass-covered screen is also designed to act as a sort of replacement for all the important notes you can no longer attach via magnets to modern stainless steel refrigerators.


We've seen plenty of connected toys, but few that do a decent job of teaching children how to code. Hackaball looks like a typical ball, but it sports a motion sensor and multi-colored LEDs. Kids can even program their own games using a simple app to trigger lights and read those sensors.


When you travel and want to catch up on your favorite shows, the Dish Hopper Go can lend a hand. You can load 100 hours of content on the device and stream it to your iOS or Android devices. And you can do so without a network connection.


Alarms don't get you out of bed? The revolutionary alarm clock releases scents of ocean, lush jungle, croissant, coffee, chocolate or peppermint into the room to try to wake you up.


The missing piece for managing storage on your smart phone and keeping all your photos in order is the egg. Simply connect to your phone on the fly, and it stores all your photos (bypassing meddlesome cloud technology) so you can keep the phone’s memory free for more photos. And, when you want to access those photos from afar, just open the app, connect remotely with your Egg and, Voila! Photos and videos appear.


Smartcases are in this year and they do practically everything but drive your car. The new, four-wheel Bluesmart is no exception. Available in carry-on sizes currently, the handsome bag offers two USB charging stations: one on the outside and one inside. The hard case separates into two shells for flexibility and “give” and, with the pull of the handle will tell you what the case weighs. An app does it all: locking and unlocking the case, tracking it when it’s lost.

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