There is an endless number of travel “must-haves” out there. As baggage fees continue to climb precious luggage space is always at a premium, it’s so important to choose wisely. When I am paking for a getaway I am always trying to decide what to take and what to leave at home. Most of the time my decision is based on what will weigh me down in order to keep up with all the new luggage fees and allowances. I have compiled a list of my favourite travel accessories that I do not leave home without.


In an airplane, staying hydrated is absolutely crucial and is also imprtant once you’re on the ground. With all the eating and drinking we all tend to do while traveling, water intake may not be our top priority. Traveling with a reusable water bottle is absolutely essential, I love S’well bottles in particular for their ability to keep water cool for up to 24 hours (yes, really!). This makes it a perfect accessory on trips where you’ll be outdoors but also for city trips where you’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing. The bottles are durable, leak-proof, and come in a variety of different colors and patterns.


Sometimes it feels like chargers and cords take over our entire bag, To keep all of your never-ending cords all together, I love the Cordito Cord Rollup. You've probably seen the similar cord taco before but the cordito takes it a step further by organizing all plugs and electronic accessories (like memory cards) in one place. And the entire thing rolls up neatly—making it easy to stash in just about any bag.


These are a bit of an investment piece but if you travel a lot , they’re definitely worth the splurge. These foldable flats save on precious luggage space—they’re a lifesaver while traveling. Pop them in your day bag each day, and you’ve got yourself a comfy change of shoes. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re wearing a pair of unstylish running shoes while sight seeing, it’s nice to slip these before a nice meal to look instantly more put together.


If you’re upcoming vacation involves a trip to the ocean, pool or just about any body of water, one of these cases is a must! At under $10, it’s budget friendly and allows you to take underwater photos. There’s something so fun about beach and water photos and this case will keep your phone protected while you snap away. You might be a little nervous about your beloved iPhone getting wet (I definitely was), but this case is well built and completely sealed. It has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon to prove it!


While traveling there’s something really special about keeping a travel journal. Axel & Ash make beautiful hard cover journals, the perfect companion on an extended trip. The journal is full of prompts that help you record your days, beautiful photos, and inspiring quotes. The journal works perfectly for longer vacations (it would be great while studying abroad!) or for recording multiple trips.


I always bring a few special pieces of jewelry with me, airline policies suggest that you never pack expensive jewelry into your checked baggage, but how often do we do it for the sake of convenience? Inspired by the colors and designs of the Italian Riviera, this super chic travel jewelry organizer is perfect for organizing and keeping all your jewelry safe and will fit into any carry on bag.


Good quality headphones can transform an otherwise terrible plane or train journey into a completely transcendent experience. For your next trip, I recommend upgrading your old worn out headphones for a quality set. H,EAR.ON by Sony is a great option, they come in several colors, my favourite is Bordeaux Pink

What is your favourite travel accessory? Tell me down in the comments.

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