As many of you might know I am on holidays with my family right know, so I thought I would start a new series with this travel diary. Stay tuned over the next week and follow my vacation journey. My first stop is Fortl Lauderdale. I have been to other parts of Florida but this is my forst time to here. It kind of reminds me of Mexico but in the comfort of the US. Throughout my years of traveling I have been to so many beaches and I must say Fort Lauderdale Beach did not disapoint. The water is faily calm, the sand is very soft and the water is crystal clear, what more can you ask for. It is hard to believe that this is part of the US.

As many of you might know it is Spring Break in many parts of the US right now and it is packed with tons of college kids everywhere. It takes me back to my university days but after seeing the way these kids spend their day I am so happy and thankful to be here with my family. We stayed at the W Fort Lsuderdale, and even though it is right on the beach it is a short walk away from the center of town whcih is where all the partying is going on. It is noce to be out on the beach here and having a peaceful day away from it all.

Okay, okay the beach sounds great but we did do some sightseing as well. Taking the trolley over to Los Alas Boulevard is a great way to spend the afternoon. Las Olas Boulevard is hio street with tons of shops and outdoor cafes, it kind of reminds me of beverly hills in a way. We shopped, we ate lots of food and enjoyed all the different art galleries it has to offer.

I can't leave out the Bike share program here. This is definetly a must, you can hop on a bike and drop it off at the next startion, it is a great way to get around, not to mention get some exercise.

Stay tuned to my Travel Diary series, we are off on a cruise to the carribean and I will be posting my travels here.

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