Vegas has thousands of visitors daily and wether it is your first time in Sin City or if this is a place you visit every chance you get, everyones experience is unique. What you feel or see with each unique experience is so different then what others experience. I was recently in Las Vegas to celebrate my BIG 40. There is no better place to celebrate such a milestone then this incredibly vibrant city. With my 2 besties in tow along with my husband and some close family we made some great memories in Las Vegas.

Although some memories are meant to stay in Vegas(you know how the saying goes "what happens in vegas stays in Vegas") I would love to share some photos with you from my trip and what they mean to me.

One of my favourite places to stay Las Vegas is The Cosmopolitan Hotel. It has a great location, and some of the rooms here have balconies which is something I really like. Another plus at The Cosmo( as I like to call it) is the awesome Boulevard Pool. I think this is the only pool in Vegas that has a view of the strip. During the hot summer days in Vegas this is my place to unwind and relax with my feet in the pool and a drink in hand. Sharing this stunning view was even more unforgettable as I was able to do it with everyone that came to celebrate my birthday.

What a great photo to show the view at this pool. I take a photo here very time I stay here and it is very funny looking back at how things have changed including myself being as it is my 40th.

Even though Las Vegas is know as the party town I honestly cannot party for 4 days in a row(guess this is what being 40 is about). Don't get me wrong though it does not mean sitting in my hotel room watching TV. I love exploring Vegas, you always find new places to see and experience. This was the first time I actually came across this bridge just outside on New York, New York. Every time I have visited that hotel I have taken a taxi and so this time we decided to explore on foot and came across this spot. What a perfect spot for a photo.

Who doesn't love Bryan Adams? I have been a fan since like forever and so when I heard he was going to be performing while I was there for my 40th I could not resist. Not only did we get tickets but also got up close and personal with front row seats. I mean where else can you see one of your all time faves perform in such a great small venue, Vegas baby! Las Vegas has so much entertainment that there is something new every time I go there and there are special concerts all the time, so next time you visit be sure to check out all the listings here.

What made this night even more special was the guitar pick the Bryan Adams himself threw out to me.

While I was Las Vegas celebrating it was the 4th of July and Vegas does it in style. Not only did they have these great fireworks towering over Caesars Palace but they also had sky divers land directly on the strip. I have never seen anything like it and Vegas really knows how to celebrate independence day.

I am in love with this picture and it is actually a screen saver on my computer to remind me of my experience on The High Roller in Las Vegas. I have to say it is the best view in Vegas (in my opinion). This was the first time I went on the high roller. It is not really a secret that I am terrified of heights and although I had planned to wait for everyone at the bottom I did end up going and it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. Not only did I conquer my fear but I learned that sometimes fear can hinder you experiencing some incredible things.

One of things on my bucket list is to do a helicopter ride over the strip and to the grand canyon, but maybe next time. I know that I will be back for some more adventures. has some great options for helicopter tours, I already have mine picked out for my next visit.

Everyone's experiences in Vegas are unique in themselves, so if you are in Vegas or are planning on visiting check out some of the great deals in Las Vegas.

I will never forget the memories I made in Las Vegas celebrating my big 40. What are some of the memories you have from Vegas? I would love to hear them in the comments below...


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